The air quality has been poor lately

We have been having an entirely exhausting wave of air quality lately! It has been almost on a daily basis for 2 to 3 days at a time non stop where the air quality is super bad.

It has been making me feel entirely terrible and having issues breathing. I am wondering if this will ever end or not. In the meantime I am thinking about either moving to another area of the country or possibly investing in a whole home air purification system. If I was to invest in a home air purification plan it would be much more extravagant than moving across the country, so if I was to in fact invest in a home air purification plan it would mean that I would have no intention on moving across the country anytime in the coming years, because that would be quite the investment and I would be making quarterly payments most likely on a home air purification system, what I am going to have to do is call around to weird heating and A/C providers and see who has quarterly payment plans on home air purification systems! That would be the only possible way I would be able to afford it. I easily would not be able to pay for the air purification plan up front. Whole home air purification systems are super high-priced, only the rich could afford to buy a whole lake house air purification plan in one shot! But something has to be done here about improving our indoor air pollen levels if I am going to stay here.

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