Too noisy

I can remember back in the day when I had a window unit in my dining room growing up.

This was before central heating plus s were a thing in residential homes.

I liked the way the window cooled the room, but it was so noisy that I had trouble sleeping periodically. And in those days, there was nothing you could do about that. It was either deal with the noise of the window or suffer with no It was rather tepid in the summers where I grew up, so was a must. There was simply no way around it unless you wanted to be in total discomfort, however so what I used to do to try to combat the noise was wear ear plugs to sleep. But I could only do that on weekends when I did not have to wake up to an alarm clock for school. So you see, it was quite a hassle. I am so thrilled that today the people I was with and I all have central heating plus s available to us that are affordable to the average joe. Because I do not think I could deal with the noisy window s at this point in my life getting to be middle aged heading towards old guy territory. I need sleep now more than when I was a kid, so window s plus their noisy ways would simply just not work for myself and others today!


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