Was It An HVAC Emergency?

I turned off my AC system for 30 minutes to let it rest and then restarted it

Ever since I began working from home, I’ve become aware of my home’s working parts. I know where every creak and odd sound is coming from and I know when the air quality is different. Being at home, I was able to schedule my biannual HVAC tune ups with ease and I’m super proud of how consistent I was. I hadn’t missed a single HVAC tune up and I was really happy with how my home’s HVAC system was running. I felt like the air quality had never been better. Then, one day, I noticed that my AC system was running inconsistently. It sounded like the air conditioner would begin running, but after a few seconds it would abruptly stop and there would be a clicking noise. This was something I’d never experienced before, but I was happy that I caught it early enough to contact an HVAC professional. Unfortunately, it was after normal business hours and I didn’t know whether I should wait until morning or use their emergency telephone number. Their website said that after hours were for emergencies only, but I didn’t know what an emergency was in the HVAC industry. Since my house was still being cooled, I decided it would be fine to wait until morning. I turned off my AC system for 30 minutes to let it rest and then restarted it. When it restarted, I noticed that the air conditioner wasn’t abruptly stopping or making a clicking noise anymore. This was great news, but I decided to call the HVAC company in the morning as a precaution.

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