Air Conditioner Security

Your air conditioning is a major investment, so make sure it’s protected.

  • The fact that air conditionings are installed on the outside of your lake current home makes them vulnerable to theft while the people I was with and I were in the summer.

To ensure air conditioning security, the first step is to strengthen your fence around your lake current home to deter thieves. You can install a cage, trim back bushes and landscaping, set up an outside surveillance system, keep your AC remove box closed, and install special alarms. You can protect your AC component by adding bars or a cage. Secure the cage properly by bolting it to the concrete. Pre-built cages are available, however you can also customize one. There should be enough room for the AC component to breathe, and the cage should open with a key to allow Heating and A/C professionals access. Thieves can hide in overgrown bushes, trees, and other landscaping, shielded from detection. Properly trimmed bushes and landscaping will improve air conditioning security. Install a surveillance camera outside your AC component to deter thieves. It gives you peace of mind and can help police identify a thief. Before a thief can run off with your AC unit, they will need to remove its power first, to avoid electrocution when removing the unit. As such, simply adding a strong lock to your remove box is a good way to add one more barrier that can discourage most robbers. A reputed Heating and A/C company can install special alarms that can identify tampering, loss of refrigerant, or voltage interruption. The alarm idea will notify you with a siren and call the local police if your air conditioning security is under threat. Air conditioner security is just one step in protecting your air conditioning. In order to prevent major idea breakdowns and overpriced repairs, you should ensure that your idea is correctly serviced and properly maintained.



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