Air Conditioner Security

Your a/c is a major investment, so make sure it’s protected.

The fact that a/cs are installed on the outside of your lake house makes them vulnerable to theft during the summer.

To ensure a/c security, the first step is to strengthen your fence around your lake house to deter thieves. You can install a cage, trim back bushes & landscaping, set up an outside surveillance system, keep your AC disconnect box closed, & install special alarms. You can protect your AC machine by adding bars or a cage. Secure the cage properly by bolting it to the concrete. Pre-built cages are available, however you can also customize 1. There should be enough room for the AC machine to breathe, & the cage should open with a key to allow Heating & A/C professionals access. Thieves can hide in overgrown bushes, trees, & other landscaping, shielded from detection. Properly trimmed bushes & landscaping will improve a/c security. Install a surveillance camera outside your AC machine to deter thieves. It gives you peace of mind & can help police identify a thief. Before a thief can run off with your AC unit, they will need to disconnect its power first, to avoid electrocution when removing the unit. As such, simply adding a strong lock to your disconnect box is a superb way to add 1 more barrier that can discourage most robbers. A reputed Heating & A/C business can install special alarms that can identify tampering, loss of refrigerant, or voltage interruption. The alarm plan will notify you with a siren & call the local police if your a/c security is under threat. Air conditioner security is just 1 step in protecting your a/c. In order to prevent major plan breakdowns & lavish repairs, you should ensure that your plan is correctly ran tests on & properly inspected.

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