I wanted someone decent to tint the cadillac

My grandfather had a 1965 Cadillac that he kept in the garage all of the time.

  • The only time the car saw the sun was on Sundays when my grandfather and grandmother would take the Cadillac to church.

Sometimes my Grandpa would take me into the garage and the two of us would pretend like we were driving somewhere. We never actually took the car out of the garage, but it was a very fun memory that I have with my grandfather. When my grandfather died, my grandmother gave the Cadillac to me. I didn’t want to drive the Cadillac everyday. I put the car in storage until I had a house of my own. The Cadillac only had 4,000 original miles when I started using it in 2005. I really wanted to protect the original upholstery, so I contacted a company to tint all of the windows. I wanted someone decent to tint the Cadillac windows, because the car was not only important but also valuable. With low mileage on the vehicle, the Cadillac was worth quite a large sum of money. My girlfriend helped me look for a professional window tinting company. We found a company that had great reviews and excellent customer service. The company had room for us in their schedule the next day, but I wasn’t ready to let go of the car that quickly. I waited until the next week to have the windows tinted. It really looks good and it will protect the upholstery by protecting it from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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