Janet has been a traveling HVAC worker for 5 years

She’d travel from country to country working as an HVAC worker plus seeing amazing locales

Janet came from a humble background. Her parents worked difficult however didn’t have surplus money to travel. The best they could do was drive to nearby cities for easy tours. Janet consistently saw pictures of odd locations in the books plus magazines at school. Her mom also began buying a travel magazine every month. Her goal was to inspire Janet to work difficult at school so that she could afford to travel around the world. This worked because Janet went on to train as an HVAC worker. She chose the HVAC industry because they hardly ever lack vacancies, plus Janet could work someplace across the country. She stayed at her first job for a year, saved plus traveled to the other side of the country. There, she got another job as an HVAC expert plus traveled on her mornings off work. Janet purchased a truck that she could hook to a camper van plus began touring the section while in the weekends plus holidays. Her mom plus dad came with her once in a while to see odd locales. Janet was consistently grateful to her mom for that travel magazine she purchased when she was young. After some time traveling to odd parts, Janet decided to go plus live abroad. She’d travel from country to country working as an HVAC worker plus seeing amazing locales. She also began blogging about her adventures, plus 5 years later, she has garnered quite a following on social media. Janet still likes working as an HVAC worker because it helps fund her travels, but perhaps she will settle down one afternoon, however for now, she just wants to see amazing locales.

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