Minimizing Heat Loss

Your furnace or HVAC system will work more efficiently if you minimize heat loss.

Your heating bills will increase significantly if heat escapes from your house.

If you want to reduce your electric bills or keep the house warmer, you need to minimize heat loss. Heat escapes through doors, windows, gaps, or because your furnace or HVAC is malfunctioning. The windows can be cold due to the outside temperatures, and when warm air comes in contact with them, they affect the internal air by lowering heat. Ensure that your curtains are closed during the nighttime hours and that your windows are getting sunlight each day before reopening them to further limit that influence. Keep your house warm by minimizing heat loss through windows. Older properties may not have enough insulation. The attic might be losing heat, forcing your furnace to work harder than it should, and possibly requiring furnace repair. If you don’t minimize heat loss here, your electric bill will increase significantly. Inspect the insulation in the attic to see if it is even with the joists or below them. You will probably need to install some additional insulation if it is below them. Occasionally, gaps between windows and doors are more noticeable and visible to the human eye, or wide enough to feel gusts flowing in, but not always. Check your doors and windows to see if any gaps need to be filled with weather sealing. Like attic insulation, gaps in your windows and doors can make your furnace work harder, increasing the likelihood of it breaking down.



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