A Big Week of Heating as well as Air Conditioning Equipment Repair Jobs

Next month both of us are going to start a big commercial AC upgrade job in a building right beside our flat.

  • It is nice because I can just go right to the job when I leave our flat each afternoon so there is no commute at all.

It is a more than one minute walk from our door to the door of the job so it is going to be nice working there for the next few weeks. I am going to run the air duct with our friend as that is our area of knowledge and our other friends are going to do the air handler upgrade. Both of us have a great crew with the Heating as well as Air Conditioning techs and all the people gets along certainly well. Both of us all hang out periodically after labor and play drums together when both of us have time. I love playing the drum and singing, it just puts myself and others in a wonderful mood and makes myself and others know love I am living on purpose. I’ve been working as an Heating as well as Air Conditioning repairman for years and love working on Heating as well as Air Conditioning component because it reminds myself and others of when our Mom and I used to labor together long ago. Jeez I miss our Mom so much, I even know it now in our stomach when I know about how he is gone now. He taught myself and others so much about Heating as well as Air Conditioning component service and I owe him so much and wish I could just thank him once more for all that he gave myself and others in this world. Fathers are crucial in our lives and both of us should thank them whenever both of us can. Call your Mom and tell him he’s the best.

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