He was the most enigmatic guy I had ever met.

Now that we are into June, I knew it was time to call the Heating & A/C company as well as have the gas furnace cleaned as well as prepared for winter.

Both of us can get some certainly cold afternoons in late June as well as throughout June in our area.

I didn’t want to turn on the gas furnace as well as find all of us had a problem. When I called the Heating & A/C company, I hoped they didn’t send the same Heating & A/C contractor as I had when getting my air conditioner unit maintained in the summer. That Heating & A/C contractor was the most enigmatic guy I would ever met. I could not get more than a one-word answer out of him whenever I asked ‌about the air conditioner unit. At one point, he didn’t even seem to acknowledge that I was talking to him. I walked into the house, as well as I was sure I heard a sigh of relief come out of his mouth, as if thanking the universe that I was gone. I had met a guy who had honestly little to say, but he at least answered a question with a direct answer. He seemed to want to hide what he was doing, as well as I wondered if he would not try to rip myself and others off. I later found out that my mysterious Heating & A/C contractor was hard of hearing. He only picked up half of what I was asking about the AC unit. Instead of admitting he had a hearing problem, he answered the question with an answer that would suit as long as the question only needed a simple yes or no answer. I knew it would embarrass myself and others if the same Heating & A/C contractor showed up to work on my gas furnace.

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