He was the most enigmatic man I had ever met.

Now that we’re into August, I knew it was time to call the HVAC company and have the furnace cleaned and prepared for winter.

  • We can get some really chilly days in late August and throughout September in our area.

I didn’t want to turn on the furnace and find we had a problem. When I called the HVAC company, I hoped they didn’t send the same HVAC technician as I had when getting my air conditioning unit serviced in the summer. That HVAC technician was the most enigmatic man I’d ever met. I couldn’t get more than a one-word answer out of him whenever I asked ‌about the air conditioning unit. At one point, he didn’t even seem to acknowledge that I was talking to him. I walked into the house, and I was sure I heard a sigh of relief come out of his mouth, as if thanking the universe that I was gone. I had met a man who had very little to say, but he at least answered a question with a direct answer. He seemed to want to hide what he was doing, and I wondered if he would not try to rip me off. I later found out that my mysterious HVAC technician was hard of hearing. He only picked up half of what I was asking about the AC unit. Instead of admitting he had a hearing problem, he answered the question with an answer that would suit as long as the question only needed a simple yes or no answer. I knew it would embarrass me if the same HVAC technician showed up to work on my furnace.

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