I felt awkward when I saw the Heating & A/C contractor in the steakhouse.

I had recently had my air conditioner unit repaired, as well as it took the Heating & A/C contractor about numerous hours to complete the task.

The entire time the Heating & A/C contractor was at the house, I was offering him iced tea as well as iced water. He was so cute they I could not stay away from. I also couldn’t believe I was flirting with him, as well as he was ignoring me. I considered going upstairs as well as putting on my bikini as well as doing some sunbathing. I was certainly ecstatic I changed my mind about that when I walked into a steakhouse a week later, as well as the Heating & A/C contractor was there. Had he been there doing work, I would not have felt so awkward. He was sitting at a honestly private table with a attractive woman, as well as he had eyes for no one but her. I asked for a table that was far enough away from him he would not see me, but the maître d’ said he had nothing. My best neighbor as well as I ended up sitting just three tables away from the Heating & A/C contractor. I quickly jumped in the seat that wasn’t facing him, because I was praying he wouldn’t believe me. I soon realized why he was ignoring my flirting. I admired him for being the guy he was, despite the fact that I still felt foolish. When the Heating & A/C contractor got up as well as took his spouse’s arm, I thought he was going to pass by as well as my embarrassment would be over. Instead, he turned back around as well as said how nice it was to see myself and others again, introduced his spouse, as well as walked away.


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