I loved my husband, but I wasn’t visiting him until he had an apartment with AC.

My husband worked out of state, and he was gone for two weeks at a time.

  • Since we had kids, I didn’t want to uproot them from their school and friends, so he got an apartment in the city where he was working.

Every weekend, I would head to the city to spend time with my husband, and once a month, he would come home to be with the kids. It was difficult, but we made it work until last month. I got to his apartment and the air conditioning was broken. It was so uncomfortable that we ended up going to a hotel for the night. I asked if the landlord was repairing the air conditioning and he said no one could get in touch with him. I was really upset because we couldn’t afford a hotel for all of us for the three-day weekend, and we couldn’t stay in the apartment. The kids were fourteen and fifteen, and complaining was their favorite thing to do. Not having air conditioning made them even more miserable, which I didn’t blame them for. Even my husband and I were miserable. He promised that by the end of the month, either the AC would be repaired or he would be in a different apartment. We splurged and spent the three-day weekend at a resort hotel. The kids had a swimming pool and a game room to lounge in and we had air conditioning. I was so glad we could make this work, because I really missed my husband, but the air conditioning is a must.

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