I stood in the grocery store freezer section, hoping for some cool air.

I stood in the grocery store freezer section, hoping for some cool air, when my sister came in.

She asked me if I was grocery shopping or window shopping? After closing the freezer door, I told her my air conditioning had quit working, and I was just looking for some cool air wherever I could get it.

Since she was there and hadn’t started shopping yet, I suggested we go out for lunch together. There was a small café around the corner that I knew had excellent air conditioning, and that’s where we headed. My sister told me that had she known I didn’t have air conditioning, we could have gone to her house and relaxed by the pool for a while. She said she could put grocery shopping off for a couple more days. She asked if I wanted to stay with her for a couple days until the HVAC technician came to repair my air conditioning unit? The HVAC company had my phone number, and they said they would call when they had an HVAC technician available to come to my house. I considered her invitation and accepted it. We hopped in her car and drove the short distance to my house so I could get a change of clothes, and headed to her house. I forgot how much fun it was to sit around the pool and talk to my sister. We acted like teenagers for the next two days until I received the call from the HVAC company. I honestly forgot how much I miss my sister, and knew I was going to visit her more often, even after my air conditioning was working again.



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