I was black from head to toe.

Every Springtime, my spouse as well as I go up as well as prepare our lodge to be used, then both of us spent most of our summer time weekends as well as every day all of us had off work, in our lodge in the mountains, however my spouse as well as I love to fish, as well as all of us passed our love of fishing as well as hiking down to her children… In the Springtime, all of us were up at the lodge as well as I wanted to wipe the chimney.

Both of us had a fireplace in the lodge to help keep us hot on the cool afternoons in early Springtime as well as late summer; After seeing the signs of squirrels in the lodge, I knew the flue must have been open all Winter time long.

I was ‌using the brush in the chimney when I realized it didn’t go ‌down to the hearth. I had to go inside the cabin as well as push the brush into the chimney from the inside of the lodge. I got down on the fireplace hearth as well as started pushing the wire brush up into the chimney. My spouse had just gotten out that I needed to be careful because there could a lot of dirt up there when the soot came flying down at me. A good layer of soot was all over the hearth as well as the floor, but what didn’t make it onto the floor as well as hearth was in my hair on my skin as well as coated myself and others from the head to toe. I swore this was going to be the last time I cleaned the fireplace chimney! The next time the fireplace chimney needed cleaned, I was going to call one of the local professionals.

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