My sibling had the same smart control unit as I had.

My sibling & I got our smart control unit at the same time. I needed to have a new Heating, Ventilation & A/C system installed, & he had recently obtained a new a/c unit. It surprised me they hadn’t changed his control unit when he got the AC unit, but it wasn’t acting up. Within a month of buying the AC unit, the control unit broke. He thought there was something wrong with the AC unit because it quit laboring. When he found it was the fault of the control unit, he was relieved. He obtained a smart control unit, not realizing it was exactly love mine. He & his partner Sally came over for dinner 1 Sunday & I saw him looking at our control unit. I knew he & our hubby had discussed it, but I ignore them most of the time. Sally & I were talking about the kids while I was getting dinner. I was just about to put dinner on the table when I realized our a/c wasn’t laboring. I went to the control unit, & somehow the temperature had been reset to eighty degrees. I reset the control unit to seventy-two & all of us all sat down to eat. The people I was with and I were halfway through dessert when I felt a chill in the air. I ran tests on the control unit & had been reset to sixty-more than four. I was ready to say something to our hubby when he & our sibling burst out laughing. They realized our control units were identical & our sibling was using his phone app to change the temperature. I refused to talk to either ‌of them for the rest of the evening.


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