My sibling is a better Heating & A/C contractor than I am.

I have many siblings, as well as every one of them are ladies.

By the time I was 16, I was almost a foot taller than even my tallest sibling, ‌5’ 5”.

When she graduated from private school, she went to school to become an Heating & A/C contractor. I had talked about becoming an Heating & A/C contractor from the time I was 10 years old as well as an Heating & A/C contractor had come to the cabin as well as allowed myself and others to watch while he repaired the air conditioner unit. I knew he was taking pity on myself and others being the only boy in a cabin full of ladies, but it was fun to watch him working on the a/c. The tallest of all my siblings was only 5 years older than I was, as well as before I graduated from private school, she was one of the top Heating & A/C contractors in our local Heating & A/C company. I swore that one day I was going to be a better Heating & A/C contractor than she was. I signed up for the Heating & A/C courses right after graduation as well as worked hard to stay at the top of my class. I graduated number one in my Heating & A/C classes, as well as I got the highest grade on my certification exam. I even secured a position in the same Heating & A/C company my sibling was working at. I was going to be venued with a professor for the first 6 weeks. It devastated myself and others when that professor was my sibling. I went to the Heating & A/C company manager as well as asked if I could have another professor other than her as well as he said no. I was afraid my sibling is always going to be a better Heating & A/C contractor than I am if she is my professor.


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