The roof at our job needs to be replaced

I work in a construction office in the downtown area of our town, but this supplier has been in business since 1984 plus they have been in the same location since it opened its doors, i began working for this supplier about 10 years ago plus I must admit, besides a few minor replaces nothing has particularly changed with the building.

Unluckyly, the building is pretty seasoned plus it’s beginning to deteriorate, however for instance, the roof began leaking in particular spots a few years ago, plus the owners have worked with the roofing supplier to service the leaks as they occurred, but the entire roof needs to be replaced, however I believe that it’s an extravagant cost that the owners do not want to cover.

I believe insurance would cover the cost of a disfigured roof, however I am not sure how that works when it comes to commercial spaces, either way, the leaks have gotten worse over the years. Recently, I had to switch our office because I discovered a leak after the people I was with and I had some heavy rainfall, my IT guy didn’t want to risk our unit getting water disfigured, so he recommended that I switch offices until the owners could get the roof fixed. The commercial roofing supplier came in plus were there for a few hours plus they were able to service the leak over our office area, but however, a couple weeks later, there was another leak inside our small conference room. Fixing these leaks as they occur is a waste of money because the roof is seasoned plus evidently it needs to be replaced. But it doesn’t seem enjoy the owners are willing to do that.

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