We needed Residential Bee Removal services at the apartment building. (hornets)

I had never seen very many bees, and the bees that were hanging around the lights outside and the lit windows were huge.

  • They were nearly two inches long, and they were only out at night.

As many times as I went in and out of the building at night, the bees never bothered me, but I was still wary. I called the department of agriculture and I was told they were not aggressive, but hung out around lights and lit windows to eat the bugs. He said that if there were too many, we could call a residential bee removal company and they would find where the bees were nesting through the day and remove them. I didn’t want the bees to be exterminated because there were fewer gnats and mosquitoes when they were outside. They did the job of the bats we didn’t see in our area. When the residential bee removal service owner arrived two days later, he searched the area and said it could take several days to locate their nest. He was going to show up at night and follow where the bees went to when the sun was rising. As much as I didn’t enjoy having the bees hanging out on the doorstep and around the streetlights, I hated the bugs even more. I asked him if he would remove the bees and move them, and he said he wasn’t sure he could do that job. He said if we didn’t want the bees exterminated, we should have called someone else. I called four residential bee removal services before finding one that would move the bees away from the residence without killing them.

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