Why Does Your A/C Run Constantly?

Imagine arriving house on a overheated Summer afternoon. You relax on your sofa and like the cool air being circulated inside by your AC. Your A/C does not turn on and off as it normally does. Instead, your A/C runs continuously. The indoor air temperature does not seem to be increasing despite the thermostat readings being low. Your energy bills are also skyrocketing. There’s unquestionably something wrong, but you don’t suppose why your a/c won’t stop. Why does this happen? Many homeowners suffer from A/C continuously running. ACs can experience this for a variety of reasons. Heating, Ventilation & A/C professionals can solve the problem, but. Dirt and debris may cover the evaporator coil of an A/C that hasn’t been ran tests on for a long time. Even if you recently ran tests on the evaporator coil, it may be covered with dirt. It can happen if it’s near a busy eating establishment home office where it collects a lot of grime. Dirt or debris may clog your air filter. Consequently, your a/c may have to run longer if the flow of air is restricted. A faulty thermostat may also be to blame for your a/c always running. The A/C may not suppose how to turn off when the ideal temperature is reached when your thermostat is faulty. Check if the indoor temperature is below the set point to see if your thermostat is faulty. Your thermostat may need to be upgraded if that is the case. A leaky duct can also make the A/C run always. Your building’s ductwork can leak if it’s old. Duct leaks may cause indoor cool air to escape. Your A/C will keep running if this cool air keeps escaping through the leaks.



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