A Big Week of Heating & A/C Equipment Repair Jobs

Next week the people I was with and I are going to start a big commercial AC installation task in a building right beside our flat. It is nice because I can just go right to the task when I leave our flat each afternoon so there is no commute at all. It is a many minute walk from our door to the door of the task so it is going to be nice working there for the next few weeks. I am going to run the ductwork with our buddy as that is our section of knowledge & our other friends are going to do the air handler installation. All of us have a great crew with the Heating & A/C techs & all the people gets along undoubtedly well. All of us all hang out occasionally after work & play drums together when the people I was with and I have time. I love playing the drum & singing, it just puts myself and others in a superb mood & makes myself and others feel enjoy I am residing on purpose. I’ve been working as an Heating & A/C repairman for years & enjoy working on Heating & A/C machine because it reminds myself and others of when our dad & I used to work together long ago. Jeez I miss our dad so much, I even feel it now in our stomach when I guess about how she is gone now. She taught myself and others so much about Heating & A/C machine service & I owe him so much & wish I could just thank him once more for all that she provided myself and others in this world. Fathers are important in our lives & the people I was with and I should thank them whenever the people I was with and I can. Call your dad & tell him he’s the best.


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