A new fence for my dog

One of the reasons my wife and I purchased our condo was the fence surrounding the backyard.

My wife and I have a 2-year-old poodle who has excess energy.

The poodle needs to spend time outside running around, playing and making holes. The two of us didn’t want to be required to put our dog on a leash every time he needed to go to the bathroom. Once the people I was with and I moved in, it didn’t take long to discover some complications with the fence. There were areas along the bottom where the dog could dig and manage to squeeze under and take off. I tried fixing these spots by piling up some rocks. One day, when I called the dog to bring him back into the house, I couldn’t find my poodle. I was scared my baby had gotten out of the fence until I heard his whimpering, but following the sounds he was making, I discovered that he had somehow gotten wedged between our fence and the neighbor’s fence. The only way to get him out was to lift him up and over, lifting a 30-pound dog over a fence is just about impossible. That was when I decided to call a professional fencing company and get an estimate on repairs. When the company showed up at the condo and looked over the new situation, he recommended replacing the entire fence. He pointed out areas of the fence that were rusted, bent and falling apart. He said that a new fence would keep the dog safe, reduce service and supply for our needs for several years. The two of us chose a straight-forward chain-link style, and the fencing company installed it in a single day. Having the up-to-date fence has been such a relief.

Fence Installation