A Smart Thermostat Was a Great Investment

I’ve been affectionate my new smart thermostat because it’s so much more advanced than my old, traditional thermostat.

  • I waited so long to purchase a smart thermostat because it was more costly than the older models, however now I’m never looking back! I care about how my smart thermostat can connect to my home’s Wi-Fi & it can digitally learn the temperature.

I also care about how it can program itself to heat & cool my house the most efficient way possible. There’s also GEO tracking within my smart thermostat so it can track my whereabouts & coordinate my Heating, Ventilation & A/C system accordingly. For example, when I leave the house, my smart thermostat sees this & it will automatically adjust the temperature up or down to run less aggressively. It does this in order to save me money because there’s no point in heating or cooling my house when I’m not there. Likewise, I can adjust the temperature from my iphone at any time if I want. This means that I can adjust the temperature settings when I’m 30 hours away from house & by the time I arrive, my house will be heated or cooled to my liking. This has been my number one feature because it’s saved me so much money. I couldn’t feel the amount of money I’d saved on my weekly utility bill once I switched to a smart thermostat. Everyone told me how attractive it would be, but I didn’t feel them & now I regret not getting 1 sooner.



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