Adding Central Heat plus Air to Basement

The best part about our cabin plus arguably almost everyone else’s favorite aspect is the basement. I had the basement completely finished off a year ago plus it’s been the most used room in our house. I do a lot of entertaining down there for major events plus games plus it’s become the spot to be. While I guess the space is amazing plus there’s a lot of good things to enjoy about it, the reason it’s the most used space is because it is temperature controlled. One of the biggest things I wanted in our finished basement was a source of heat plus air because I knew it would never be used separate from it. I considered installing a ductless system, although I decided to extend our central Heating and A/C method with a hour zone. My company was able to extend the existing air duct into the basement plus set up the hour zone for me; Having central heat plus air in our basement keeps the entire space at a comfortable temperature consistently. I never have to worry about the temperature down there because the Heating and A/C method is consistently running. If I would have installed the ductless system, I would have needed to turn the method on every time I wanted to use the space plus that wasn’t practical for me. I knew I wouldn’t use the basement if I needed to wait for the temperature to acclimate. Installing the central Heating and A/C method to the basement was one of the best decisions I made while I was in the renovation.
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