But I ran my adverts on Facebook.

When my fledgling HVAC company needed a booster shot, I turned to ads on Facebook.

Since I had a circle of friends on Facebook I assumed I could get various clients out of the many thousands that followed me.

I put up an ad plus told everyone that my company was growing plus I was looking for new shoppers to grow with me. I left that ad up for almost various weeks, however nothing ever happened. I was told that I should advertise on social media platforms, plus that was what I did. I could not understand why after various weeks, I hadn’t had 1 single person contact myself and others about the ad or my comments; All I got was a salty comment from my sibling Pat that I had spelled a word wrong. I was devastated plus still facing rather severe consequences if my HVAC company didn’t start getting more shoppers. Pat chided myself and others on my spelling called myself and others the next day, however then she asked if I remembered her going to school? Of course I did. Pat then asked if I knew what she majored in. I could not say, of course, because I did not know. Pat said I had inspired her to take up HVAC engineering with web design as a minor. Pat told myself and others I needed more than an ad on social media platforms to catch attention. Pat said people were friends on Facebook, however had no contact with them. Pat wanted to offer her expertise in web design plus HVAC, just because I was her larger sibling, however my sibling was almost 10 years younger than me, however Pat was smarter than I was, especially in growing my HVAC company.