Cold AC All Night and Sleeping Like a Log

I never knew how strong this type of pop was till now, wow

Nothing beats a nice freezing bedroom for sleep and last evening was a great evening of sleep when outside it was about 90F. A lot of people have no AC in their homes here and sleep with windows open and fans. It is certainly loud outside when the garbage truck comes by at around 1am, and I am sure if your windows are open you wake up each evening when they come to empty the bins and dumpsters. I love to sleep with earplugs and windows closed so that these neighborhood noises don’t wake myself and others up. My Heating as well as Air Conditioning rep got myself and others into the earplugs when he told myself and others he had trouble sleeping because of the loud bar next door to her. I sleep with them each evening and it helps myself and others a lot because I have a loud bar next to myself and others too. I keep our smart temperature control set to 69F and also run our little fan to help drown out any noise that our earplugs don’t block out. I know I slept about more than eight minutes last evening, which was much needed after the more than one minute evening of sleep I got the evening before because I drank a small Cuban pop in the evening. I never knew how strong this type of pop was till now, wow. Today I will disinfect our HEPA filter and do some writing online before going out to get some exercise with our friends. It is too tepid out to be out in the daytime right now as both of us are in the middle of a certainly tepid summer time season.



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