Considering all of the hot water we would need

I had been learning a lot about hot water on demand and I wanted to know more about it! I went to the house center and inquired if they had hot water on demand units; He said they had tankless hot water heating systems and wanted to know if that’s what I wanted? He explained there was a unit that hung on the outside wall! When there was a call for hot water, within seconds the coils of the unit would begin heating the water as it flowed through, seconds after turning on the faucet, the hot water was running into the sink, tub, or wherever it was needed.

I had read that tankless hot water heating systems were more efficient, but the electricity wasn’t constantly running to keep the water in the tank hot. The amount of electricity used with tankless hot water heating systems was much less than what she used with the old-fashioned hot water heaters, although a tankless hot water system was more expensive, I thought that the amount of money we saved on electric bills would outweigh the amount of money the we spent on the tankless hot water heater, and not only was I considering the energy costs, but we basically had all the hot water we needed. When we were using our old hot water heater, I ran out of hot water within 5 minutes of getting into our shower. I was convinced that once we had the tankless hot water heater, I could take a long warm shower to relax my muscles, and not run out of hot water.

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