Finding a good 24/7 gym in my city

My new work schedule is fairly crazy as I go to work at 10pm and I finish work at 6am.

I do my shopping at the hour when most people are either rising from bed or are in their cars on the way to their own shifts for the day.

I like the quiet feeling of the late night hours, especially when I’m outside at work enjoying a sandwich for lunch. There aren’t as many cars on the road and it feels like the general vibe in the world is much calmer than it is during the peak hours of the afternoon. However, it took me several weeks to fully adjust to my nocturnal hours. Prior to this job, I was working a normal 9 to 5 job and had been doing that for well over 10 years at least. My body revolted and I felt myself dozing at my workspace on a number of occasions. However, now I feel somewhat adjusted to my new working schedule. And since I shop after I get off my shift, that usually puts me at the store right as they’re opening for the day. On the other hand, it’s not always easy finding a gym that I can hit at 9pm before I leave for my job. That’s why I was dead set on finding a good 24/7 gym that is open at all hours of the day to members only Now that we’re coming out of the pandemic stages of COVID and getting closer to endemic status, gyms and fitness centers are reopening all throughout the country. I found a great 24/7 gym with affordable membership rates and a steam room inside as well. They don’t have yoga classes during the day like I was hoping to find, but you can’t have it all.

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