Finding a New Furnace Before the Cooler Weather

With the fall season approaching and the cooler weather coming, I’ve been thinking about my furnace a lot.

Last season, the furnace needed to be repaired twice and it wasn’t cheap.

I didn’t like paying for unwanted HVAC repairs since I’ve always been diligent about having my HVAC system serviced twice per year. I know that it’s not the HVAC professional’s fault, it’s the fault of my furnace since it’s so old. I still wasn’t sure if it was time to have my furnace replaced. During my last HVAC tune up, I asked the HVAC professional what he thought about having my furnace replaced with something newer versus saving the money and waiting. Without hesitation, he told me that it was time to replace the furnace. It wasn’t heating my home efficiently anymore, it was costing me to have it repaired, and it was over a decade old. Knowing all of this, it made more financial sense to purchase a new furnace rather than keep my existing one. If I kept the existing furnace, I would spend more money in the long run compared to purchasing a new one. Deep down, I knew this was true. The price tag was big for a new furnace, but again, I didn’t want to spend more money on repairs and maintenance when the furnace wasn’t heating my home efficiently anymore. Since that appointment, I’ve been researching which furnace to install and I’m waiting on an estimate from the HVAC company. I’d like to have the new furnace installed before the temperature drops.


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