Getting a discount on my HVAC services

If there’s one thing I love, it’s any opportunity to save some money.

So when I saw that my local heating and cooling business was having discounts on their HVAC services I figured now would be the best time to have my heating and AC unit serviced.

I know some people that service their heating and air conditioning systems every 6 months, for me, I’m lucky if I do it once a year. Sure, maybe I don’t do it as often as I should but I haven’t had any issues with my heating and AC system. However, knowing that my heating and air conditioning system is overdue for some maintenance and tune up, I figured now I’ll be the best time to act on that discount and have my heating and AC system taken care of once and for all. I called the heating and air conditioning company and made sure that the discount was still going on, and they told me it was. The discount was 20% off your first heating and AC visit. I went ahead and scheduled the appointment and waited for the HVAC professional to arrive. Before I knew it, Tuesday had rolled around in the heating and the AC guy made his way out to my home. I was given good news. He told me that my heating and air conditioning system was in an accident condition and that I should continue to take good care of it. That’s when I confessed that I hadn’t had a service or maintenance in a year. He was surprised and told me that he couldn’t tell, but did some basic upgrades and told me that now I wouldn’t have to worry about any kind of upgrades or maintenance for a while. I was happy that the AC system was in such good condition.

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