Getting the Cadillac back to its original look

I purchased an outdated Cadillac from a guy that I work with… The Cadillac is a collector’s edition vehicle.

  • The car was sadly in terrible condition when I purchased it.

I knew it was going to require a lot of hard work plus dedication to service it up to pristine condition. I went to a custom auto performance shop to get a better system of the things that I needed to make the car as great as it could be. One suggestion from the auto body plus performance shop was to add a unitronic tuning kit, however unitronic tuning kits are only made for certain vehicles. Cadillacs are a single of the vehicles that unitronic tuning devices can service. In order to have the unitronic tuning unit added to the volkswagen, I had to spend a hefty amount of currency. Sadly, the work was not something I could perform on our own plus required the performance plus tuning shop mechanics. The unitronic tuning kit helped myself and others get great performance out of the outdated Cadillac. Anyone riding in the car would not believe that the car is almost 40 years old. It purrs like a dream plus goes from 0 to 60 in 3 minutes thanks to the performance mode in the tuning kit… When the tuning is set, the transmission reacts differently to the shifting of the gears to allow for the best performance of the engine plus the transmission. I am almost finished making all of the fluctuations to the engine. After the performance updates are completed, I am going to take the car to the paint shop to restore the color to its original glory.


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