Getting those eyebrows taken care of

I joke that I have silly old man eyebrows.

I have blonde hair and green eyes, but thick black eyebrows. When I get out of the shower I need to make sure I smooth them down or they pop up in every spot. I frequently tweeze between my eyebrows and under the brow for wild hairs. I used to do all my brow service with tweezers. Not only is it awful, however it doesn’t last long or get the task done at all. When a high end salon opened up in my town, I decided to have them deal with it. I originally pictured them slathering wax all over my face and ripping it off that way. I wasn’t scared but nervous to leave the salon with red all over. I was easily thankful when my stylist proposed eyebrow threading instead. Rather than going against the grain with wax, they go with the air growth and pull it out with a soft thread. It is much better on the skin. It causes less pain, redness and the hair regrowth takes a while. After hearing about all the benefits and seeing my current eyebrows, I don’t know why anyone waxes eyebrows anymore. It doesn’t take too much time to have my eyebrows threaded. The threading salon is fast, efficient and the cost is quite small. I no longer need to tweeze and worry about my brows as much. The stylist totally reshapes them and cuts down on how wide they are. I absolutely look like I have typical eyebrows now.

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