How Often Does Your Air Conditioner Need Refrigerant?

A central air conditioner only needs refrigerant when it leaks.

Evaporator or condenser coil problems are the most typical cause of central air conditioner leaks.

Damaged coils can leak refrigerant. Other typical reasons for refrigerant leaks include holes or cracks in coils, loose connections, or disfigured compressors. Your central air conditioner will need to be repaired if it leaks refrigerant. Refrigerant in your air conditioner absorbs heat from your home’s indoor air. When it reaches the outdoor unit, the refrigerant releases the heat it absorbed indoors. When the refrigerant returns to the indoor unit, it begins the process again. The coils or other components can leak refrigerant, causing the air conditioner to lose its ability to cool. Signs of a refrigerant leak include overheated air coming from your vents, higher than normal utility bills, & hissing or bubbling noises. It’s important to have your air conditioner checked for leaks if you notice any of these signs. Air conditioners with refrigerant leaks should be repaired immediately. Several factors determine if your central air needs Freon. An older device may require more charging than a newer 1. Refilling your device depends on the type of refrigerant it uses. Your central air conditioner will need to be repaired if it leaks refrigerant. It is important to find the source of the leak & repair it before adding more refrigerant, as this will only temporarily repair the problem. Once you have repaired the leak, your central air conditioner should be able to maintain its charge for many years.


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