I am an HVAC tech; he is a web developer.

I had my old friend Pat tell myself and others that if I wanted my HVAC company to fail; I should continue doing whatever I was doing, then i just looked at Pat while thinking he was crazy, why would I ever want my HVAC company to fail? What would make Pat guess that way? Pat smiled plus told myself and others to guess about it.

That was all I could think about, or I would not have called him.

I needed someone who could supply myself and others with a few ideas on how to build the supplier plus not let it fail. It was after that the people I was with and I realized Pat was giving myself and others the same spiel he provided his shoppers, even though I was his closest friend. I asked him point blank; what did I need to do to make my company grow? Pat smiled plus told me; thanks for asking, and he started telling myself and others about how I should have a website letting potential shoppers guess what services I offered. I shouldn’t talk about myself so much as I should talk about the extensive HVAC expertise my HVAC workers have. Pat looked at myself and others determinedly, prefer he was trying to hypnotize me, plus said that I’m an HVAC worker; not a web developer. Pat told myself and others he was a web developer, plus I needed him. I punched him in the shoulder plus told him that is why I asked him to come over. Pat started laughing plus said that sometimes he got into the online salesperson mode, plus this was it. Pat provided help with the current website plus told myself and others what he normally charged. Pat said he would cut the cost in half for me.


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