I love having heated floors

I absolutely love having heated floors.

I live in a climate where it frequently can drop below zero.

The winter here can be really brutal and if you don’t have a really good heating system or a furnace or something to keep you warm then you can expect to freeze if you lose your heat. This is why most people here have more than one heating system. If I’m going to use myself as an example I have an oil furnace, a fireplace, and this space heater just in case. I guess some people might think it’s a bit Overkill even for living in a really cold climate, but as far as I’m concerned you can never be too careful. I don’t know about you but I don’t plan on taking the risk of freezing. However, I’ve had the same furnace for a while and I was thinking about taking my furnace out completely and just using my space heater, my fireplace, and radiant heated flooring if I get that. Am I seeing them to get rid of the furnace because that heats the entire house where the space heater can only heat one room at a time, and the fireplace can also heat only one at a time but it’s a good way to save some money on my heating bills. The one bad thing about living in a cold climate is that your heating bills will go up really quickly if you run the heater all the time. I already made up my mind and I’m having heated floors installed next week. I couldn’t be more excited for the day that they arrive.

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