I wanted to be sure the Heating and AC unit was in good working condition

Having a real estate professional for a friend has been amazing.

My bestie is a realtor in our city.

However, she wasn’t in real estate management when I bought this house. That was my first time purchasing a home and I ended up buying a house with old Heating & A/C equipment. That wasn’t the only thing that I was faced with at that time. But I believed I was getting a good deal, which I’m not so sure I did. It’s been over 20 years so it’s not a big deal. This time, it’s interesting how the Heating & A/C device sort of was a big part of selling my home. The first Heating & A/C unit that I had lasted about 2 more years before I was forced to replace it with new residential Heating & A/C. While I wanted the best Heating & A/C unit I could afford, I also had to be sure that it was reliable. I invested in Heating & A/C service which was key to the longevity of this previous Heating & A/C device I had in this house. But after 15 years of flawless, quality heating and cooling, the Heating & A/C unit was winding down. That’s when my bestie suggested that since I’m upgrading the Heating & A/C unit, I should do something with the kitchen and get it on the market. I did as she suggested and managed to make good money at the peak of the prices in this region. Having the latest in residential Heating & A/C that uses the best Heating & A/C technology was a big selling point. In fact, I’m sure that the new Heating & A/C device that uses the best Heating & A/C technology was a better selling point than the newly improved kitchen.

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