I was able to get my cooling equipment miracle

I prayed plus then cried

My next class was coming up soon, plus the cooling tech was still trying to figure out what had caused the explosion or the explosive sound from the air conditioner equipment! The Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment was long due for maintenance, however the choreography studio was not doing plus it used to, so I kept on postponing. There were those times when I used to have classes back to back, however now I barely had a whole class. My next class was for children under eight, plus it was the only class with more than four students. When the cooling equipment specialist came for the a/c repair, she told me that I needed to start looking to buy modern cooling equipment. My budget could not allow it. Whenever I came across anything relating to the cooling industry, I looked the other way. I wanted nothing more about a/c equipment. I tried to run away from my concerns in numerous ways. Anything to do with the cooling corporation had taken a back seat pretty much. I was not surprised when the cooling representative told myself and others there was not much she could do to recover the cooling upgrade. I needed to purchase a quality air conditioner to help with indoor comfort. The temperature control could make it another year before it also needed updatement. That evening I did something I had not done in a long time. I prayed plus then cried. A month later, my miracle happened, I got a call from an agency looking to hire a choreographer for a famous singer on tour, plus I knew that would be the turning point for me. I could then get a dealer to install a mini-split air conditioner.

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