I was waiting for my husband when I saw the most beautiful leather rocker.

My husband went into the furniture store to pick up a wooden rocking chair we bought for his mother for her birthday.

While he was picking up the rocker, I was checking out other items.

I saw the most beautiful leather rocking chair I’ve ever seen. There is something about that leather rocking chair that called to me and told me to sit down and try it out. Once I sat in the leather rocker and put my head back against the headrest, I was lost. I felt like I was transported back to my grandparents home, sitting in my grandfather’s study, and rocking myself to sleep in his leather rocker. I felt so comfortable and relaxed that I fell asleep. My husband woke me up and told me that he had the rocker in the truck, and was ready to go home. I stood up and ran my hand lovingly across the leather rocker, before following him outside. My husband didn’t say anything, but I figured it was because he was watching the wooden rocking chair that was in the back of the truck. Although it was in a box, he still didn’t want it getting damaged. My mother-in-law loved her wooden rocking chair, and she kept saying how comfortable it was. I wasn’t really listening to her, because I was thinking about the leather rocking chair I was in. Two months later, my husband surprised me with a surprise birthday party. I had never had a birthday party, let alone a surprise birthday party. The biggest surprise was that he asked me to come into the kitchen and help me bring in the cake. Sitting by the table was my leather rocking chair.
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