It’s amazing what you can find in yard sales.

By the time my son was 10, he had amassed an obscene amount of matchbox cars.

There were no matchbox cars alike, and they were all sitting in boxes in his bedroom.

I was at a yard sale one afternoon, and I found an old steamer trunk. The leather was worn, the straps were broken, and it looked like an elephant had used it as a seat. I spent hours repainting the tacks, find nishing the leather, and making the steamer trunk look new. I made a separate compartment for each one of his matchbox cars, trucks, and other vehicles. That was one of my best finds up until two weeks ago. I saw a wooden table and six matching chairs sitting along the roadside. I stopped and asked if the wooden chairs and table were for sale? The woman looked at me and asked me why she would have it out by the road if it wasn’t for sale. I changed tactics and asked her how much she wanted for?When she told me she wanted $15, but I had to take them away within the next two hours, I handed her 20 bucks and said I would be back in an hour. She told me I paid her too much, but I wanted to make sure that wooden table and chairs were still there when I returned. When I told my husband what I bought, he shook his head. He asked me where we were going to put a new set of wooden dining room furniture? I told him I bought them as a wedding present for our son and his fiancée.

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