Joining the HVAC Club Got Me Better Scheduling Dates

Usually, I prefer to have my HVAC system serviced in September because it’s less stressful trying to get an appointment with the HVAC company.

Because the weather begins to drop in October, it causes other homeowners to remember that it’s time to have their HVAC system serviced and there’s next to no availability to be seen.

I find that if I make a conscious effort to have my HVAC system serviced in September, I can avoid the stress and hassle. This year however, I made the mistake of waiting too long and I had no choice but to fight the crowd. On October first, I realized the mistake that I made and I called the HVAC company immediately. The receptionist told me that their first available appointment was three weeks out unless I wanted to book something during the middle of the week. I work a full time job that doesn’t allow me to be home for an HVAC appointment, so that wasn’t an option. Before I hung up, the receptionist let me in on a company secret that explained a lot. According to her, their annual HVAC club members received priority scheduling and they had large chunks of time available for those customers. If I wanted to book a quicker appointment, I could join the HVAC club. The annual fee wasn’t much more than what it was costing me for my biannual HVAC tune ups, so it was a no brainer. I joined the club over the phone and was able to get an appointment for the following week. I can’t believe I waited that long to join.

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