Radiant heated flooring is exactly what I needed

I never thought that I would need radiant heated flooring. After all it’s not like I live in a super cold climate, but after I saw a friend of mine get it I decided to go to her house to check it out. She was super psyched about having the radiated for me to begin with and so she invited me over to her home to see what it was like. Unlike me, she did live in a really cold climate and so this was something that she had been wanting for a while. As soon as I stepped into our house she invited me to take my shoes off. I was only wearing socks underneath and so I started walking around the floor. My friend, who’s normally very foot-conscious and doesn’t like people walking barefoot in her house, invited me to take my socks off this time. I was surprised when she asked me to do this but it’s because she wanted me to have a full experience of the heated flooring. So I took my socks off and I was amazed at what I felt beneath my feet. The floors were warm but not hot, and combine that warmth of the floor with the warmth of the furnace, and you wouldn’t even know that it was cold outside. It was an amazing thing. She told me about how she purchased them from the heating and AC business and how they installed it. Apparently it was so much simpler than she had initially thought. She loves the final product and it made me consider getting one for myself.

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