Repairing my own air conditioning

Last night I did what every heating and cooling worker tells you you shouldn’t do. I decided to repair my own heating and air conditioning system. The reason I decided to repair my own heating and air conditioning system is because I didn’t want to have to pay to have a heating and AC professional come out and fix it. I was trying to avoid the high cost of having a heating and AC guy come out. My thinking was that he needed an AC worker to go to school for that, but it’ll have the repair stuff that they do that isn’t that difficult to fix. If they can do it then I’m sure I can do it too. So I decided to take my chances and try my hand at repairing my own heating and air conditioning system. But first I had to find out what exactly was wrong with my air conditioning system to start with. So I did some digging at the library to try to find as many books on the subject as I could as possible. Thankfully I was able to check out many books and I think I figured out what the problem was. I then brought the proper tools and got to work fixing it. I took all the necessary safety precautions to make sure that I wouldn’t accidentally get electrocuted. Would you know it, I successfully got it working again and how much should I pay, well it wasn’t free because I had to buy the tools I paid way less than if I had an HVAC worker do it. Although I still wouldn’t recommend it for the average person.

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