Restoring a space heater

For as long as I can remember it’s consistently been with my favorite things to take something old & turn it current again.

I have not obtained any heating & AC units in 10 years now.

This is because I have found that the cheaper & more fun way to do things is just to buy a broken gas furnace & air conditioner & then repair it. Once it’s repaired I can use it like I would use any other Heating & cooling system system. And the heating plan is my most recent project. I found this space gas furnace in the garbage, & I can see why they were throwing it away. The space gas furnace was in rough condition. I was determined to repair it though, & the first step was to see if I can get it to come on. It took me several hours of tinkering with it & doing research on what could be wrong with it despite the fact that I did eventually figure it out successfully & got the space gas furnace to turn on. After laboring on a stop for a couple weeks it was finally repaired & I was able to start using it for my home. It was lovely being able to take a space gas furnace that was broken & make it like current again, & it was actually much more cost-effective too. Now I’m doing this all the time as a side interest of mine & give him my family & friends free heating & cooling systems.