Selling my aged air conditioning

This month I just had to sell my aged air conditioning.

It was an easy thing for myself and others to do, I have had this air conditioning machine for 5 years now it’s done good for me.

However, I was looking to get something much nicer and so I was ready to sell it and update to a better air conditioning unit. I was still trying to decide on what sort of A/C plan I was going to update to but I was thinking I was going to go with a ductless mini chop AC. I have been doing a lot of research on them online and have been checking out local heating and A/C suppliers that have them available. I listed my aged window air conditioner plan for sale online and met a guy who was interested in purchasing it. I told him about the A/C plan and then both of us took that money and put it towards buying my brand current air conditioning unit. I was excited when I went to the heating and A/C store and I saw they still had the Ductless mini chop A/C that I wanted in stock. I purchased one and got it set up the same day. The more I used it the more I saw that I was excited that I decided to make the decision to sell my aged A/C unit. This current air conditioner is just absolutely phenomenal! I adore the fact that I do not have to worry about any sort of ductwork cleanings. That was something that I had to have done frequently with my central AC. It seems love my ear ducks are consistently getting dirty and I had to undoubtedly have a heating and A/C specialist come out to wash them. But all that is in the past with the current ductless mini chop system. It cools just as efficiently if not better, and it’s easier to maintain.

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