Shatterproof window film for hockey pucks

My boys love to play hockey outside on the blacktop.

They really enjoy practicing their slapshots and frequently they go wide.

I have gotten a lot of things damaged due to hockey pucks. My bird feeders never seem to last. The side of my house has a bunch of dents in it from the pucks going too far past the net. My garage door has sustained the most damage. I have a gorgeous, giant door with lots of windows. At first I was replacing the windows with fresh ones every time the body shattered one. It got to be messy, expensive and time consuming. I couldn’t ban them from the front driveway though. It was too nice being able to see them and know that they were safe. They also love playing hockey. So I thought about doing plastic windows but they looked horrible. I then found a really good solution. There are all types of window films out there. You can do colored films to match the outside of your house. You can do sun control window films to save energy. I got a shatterproof window film and put it on all my garage ones. Now you really need to put your back into smashing those windows. Even if the glass breaks, it spiderwebs and doesn’t shatter. So I just have a cracked window to remove rather than pick up a ton of broken glass. The windows are stronger and less likely to break as well. Anytime my sons break a window, the new one gets that protective window film on it.


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