Shaving is tough for me

Shaving and I don’t go together.

I consistently seem to be in a huge rush when I am in the shower.

I frequently shave against the grain and cause razor bumps. I also accidentally cut myself and bleed all over the place. More often than not, I will find an area that I just flat out missed too. My shower is a bit tiny and there is nowhere to put my leg up when I want to shave. For a long time I just stuck with shaving badly and dreading it every few afternoons. Then a salon opened up in the neighborhood that offers all kinds of services. They do henna, sugaring, threading and waxing. At first I thought having my legs and armpits waxed was the way to go. I talked to the professional and she assured me that sugaring the hair off would be a better method for my skin. Waxing pulls the hair right by the root. It lasts longer however it is much more painful of a procedure. Also if you have sensitive skin like me, waxing can easily irritate you and cause complications with the blocked ducts. Getting my legs and armpits sugared is absolutely quite nice. It is a much easier method of gently pulling the hair out. I only go to my sugaring salon once a month too. It lasts quite a bit and my body feels so silky. What they charge is more than worth it as well. I would pay that sugaring shop double the cost not to take out a razor again. It saves me time, pain and aggravation having them do it.

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