Taking a Leisurely Bike Ride Along the Coast

This month I am going to take a slow ride on my bike along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea plus just be grateful for all that has come into my life.

  • Life is full of loss but that means that it is also full of gains plus things that surprise us.

I was genuinely surprised when I got hired by the local company last year when I was needing it the most. It’s wonderful to celebrate all of the small gifts that have come into our lives as they are what gives our lives color plus meaning, however yes, they come plus they go all of the time but both of us should absolutely be thankful for them coming into our lives at all. I like working at the local corporation for my buddy plus both of us also get to travel to locations when both of us have an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system replacement task for a customer. I mainly labor in the office but occasionally I get called to help with a task on site once in a while. I am pretty wonderful at fixing heat pumps plus A/C units but most of my time is spent answering PC calls plus helping people with questions in the store. I will keep working there as long as they keep myself and others plus I hope it lasts for many years. I plan on going back cabin to the states for Christmas plus need to start saving now as it is about four weeks away. I will stay at my cousin’s cabin because she wants myself and others to tune up her Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system when I get there.

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