The air filter was amazing

I thought it was just our beach house being extra dirty

I have an amazing air filter & I just enjoy it. It wasn’t until last year although I decided to make the switch to HEPA filters. I was genuinely skeptical about switching to HEPA filters, however looking back at it now I am genuinely blissful that I did. I am blissful I decided to switch over to a HEPA filter because the air filter I was using beforehand just cannot compare. I assume you could say that I was using what almost everyone use, & that was your average disposable air filter, but using HEPA filters is far superior to using a disposable air filter; Not only doing last longer, however they do such amazing things for your indoor air pollen levels. When I was using our proper disposable filters I still had some issues with our indoor air pollen levels. It did not matter how often I went to the local heating & A/C corporation & had them changed, I would buy many disposable filters & change them every 2 months. I thought it was just our beach house being extra dirty. I would wash & sanitize our beach house from top to bottom & change the air filter frequently & I still had issues with our indoor air pollen levels. This was because, as I would come to learn, it wasn’t our house or our Heating and A/C idea however it was our air filter that I was using. Once I switched to using HEPA filters this all stopped.



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