The Breaker Tripped and It Shut Down AC System

As soon as my AC stopped working, I knew immediately.

The August temperatures were sky high, reaching ninety degrees every afternoon, so the heat was palpable.

When I realized that there was no longer cool air pumping through my air vents, I contacted the HVAC company immediately. With ninety degree temperatures and one hundred percent humidity, I didn’t have time to waste. I wasn’t the only person with a broken AC unit though, so I had to wait several hours before an HVAC technician could make it to my place. In the meantime, I closed all the curtains and blinds and I didn’t dare open a single window or door. I didn’t want any of my remaining air escaping and I certainly didn’t want the sun heating my home up naturally. By the time the HVAC technician arrived though, I was hot and I was desperate for a fix. At this point, I was willing to pay any amount of money just to have my house cool again. The HVAC technician worked tirelessly in the heat until he found the issue. My breaker had tripped and it shut down my AC system entirely. Once he tripped the breaker, the AC began flowing through the air vents again. I was happy that there was nothing actually wrong with my AC system, but I was embarrassed that I hadn’t thought of something that simple before. I spent an unnecessary amount of money on an HVAC technician when all I needed to do was flip a switch in my garage.