The Breaker Tripped plus It Shut Down A/C System

As soon as our A/C stopped working, I knew instantly.

The August un-even temperatures were sky high, reaching ninety degrees every afternoon, so the heat was palpable.

When I realized that there was no longer cool air pumping through our air vents, I contacted the Heating and A/C company instantly. With ninety degree un-even temperatures plus one hundred percent humidity, I didn’t have time to waste. I wasn’t the only woman with a broken A/C component though, so I had to wait several hours before an Heating and A/C worker could make it to our site. In the meantime, I closed all the curtains plus blinds plus I didn’t dare open a single window or door. I didn’t want any of our remaining air escaping plus I absolutely didn’t want the daylight heating our lake cabin up naturally, however by the time the Heating and A/C worker arrived though, I was boiling plus I was desperate for a fix. At this point, I was willing to pay any amount of money just to have our cabin cool again. The Heating and A/C worker worked tirelessly in the heat until she found the issue. My breaker had tripped plus it shut down our A/C method entirely. Once she tripped the breaker, the A/C began flowing through the air vents again. I was blissful that there was nothing entirely wrong with our A/C system, although I was embarrassed that I hadn’t thought of something that self-explanatory before. I spent an unnecessary amount of money on an Heating and A/C worker when all I needed to do was flip a switch in our garage.


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